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Your legs will be JELLY after this free BOOTY WORKOUT taken from THE BOD Maintenance!

We've picked a serial glute killer workout from our second level program and amped it up with extra glute-focused accessory exercises so you can get well on your way to a lifted booty.  



  • Dynamic stretching - read more about dynamic vs static stretching here.
  • Lunges - to turn your glutes on and create muscular balance between both legs. Try 15 walking lunges per leg.
  • Banded kickbacks - using THE BOD Booty Bands which go on sale next Thursday down to $14.97!!! When performing a banded kickback, your back shouldn't curve or move to compensate.



5 x Sets of Back Squats: The weights for this part of the workout are based off your 1 Rep Max. For example, if the maximum amount of weight you can back squat for a single rep is 100kg, your 40% max is 40kg. You can learn even more about incorporating percentages through THE BOD program.  20 reps at 40% max 15 reps at 50% max 10 reps at 55% max 8 reps at 65% max 6 reps at 65% max Make sure you check out this article to stop any squat mistakes you may be making right in its tracks. You can change up this phase of the workout by alternating between low bar back squats, high bar back squats and front squats.


5 x Sets of 20 x Dumbbell Lunges 20 per leg You can change your lunges up by switching between regular walking lunges, curtsey lunges and stationary lunges. While resting, grab your heaviest resistance booty band and perform 20 banded hip thrusts with a hip abduction at the top.  


4 x Sets of 20 x Hip Thrusts High rep weighted hip thrusts create the CRAZIEST burn. When doing these, position your feet stance and width ensuring that you feel it the most right in the glutes!


Finisher Like that wasn't enough, choose between one of the finishers to burn out your lower body and get your heart rate up:
  • 4 x Sets of 15 x Jumping Lunges
  • 4 x Sets of 15 Jump Squats
  • 4 x Sets of Sled Pushes

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7AM AEST, June 28.

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