Quick & Easy High-Protein Snacks

Quick & Easy High-Protein Snacks

The importance of protein

We often recommend when planning out your day (whether you're following a set meal plan or flexible dieting) to plan out your protein intake first. Protein tends to be the hardest macro target to achieve without going over others.  

Protein is the macronutrient known as being the “building block” of muscle. On a deeper level, just about every function of every cell is controlled or regulated by protein in some way. 

How Much Protein Do We Need?

Your physical activity level will dictate how much protein you require, but we all require a sufficient amount of protein for bodily repair and function. 

How to calculate your protein intake:

If you’re unsure of your lean body mass weight (this can be determined through a body fat percentage test), then you’ll need to use the guide of 1.5-2.5g of protein per kilogram of total bodyweight (TBW).

Think about your activity levels and work out your protein based on that.

Below are examples of the LBM and TBW equations:

Lean Body Mass Equation:
100kg male with 15% body fat, who is moderately active.
100 x 0.85 = 85kg of lean mass.
85 x 2.5 = 212.5g of protein required.

Total Body Mass Equation:
100kg x 2 = 200g of protein required.

Here are some of our absolute favourite high-protein snacks that are quick and easy to prep!

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• Cucumber Rolls w/ Shredded Chicken

The ultimate convenience snack, grab a roast chicken and add in as many veggies as you like

• Cottage Cheese w/ PB + Strawberries

You can sweeten this with some stevia or maple syrup and replace PB with any other nut butter

• Roasted Chickpeas

You can make these yourself by sprinkling a layer of chickpeas on a lined baking tray with spiced like cumin, salt and paprika, and baking for an hour at 150°C fan-forced.

• Frozen Yoghurt + Raspberries

Smash raspberries into yoghurt before freezing in ice cubes.


• Chicken or Tofu Nuggets (in THE BOD App)

High Protein, Low Fat Yoghurt

Our favourite brands include Siggi's, YoPro and Chobani.

Protein Bliss Balls

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