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THE BOD Level Two: PowerBuilder

THE BOD Level Two: PowerBuilder
THE BOD Level Two: PowerBuilder
THE BOD Level Two: PowerBuilder

THE BOD Level Two: PowerBuilder

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This second level of The Bod - Men's set delves into the realms of the exact kind of training needed for improved physique progression.

Those following PowerBuilder may be interested in a physique competition or are looking to take their competitive goals more seriously.

PowerBuilder also teaches you how to integrate different styles of training to achieve power and hypertrophy.nd endurance progresses and customise a nutrition plan around your level of activity.

What does PowerBuilder include?

  • A double-sided book in eBook and/or print version.
    One side contains all things relevant to The Bod nutrition, and the other; The Bod exercise.
  • Nutrition and training for your specific level.
    This includes the intensity, percentages, number of sets and number of reps!
  • 3 x 4-week training blocks to bring the progressive results

on the NUTRITION side of things...

  • Customisable flexible dieting protocol
  • All 80+ recipes including nutritional breakdown and macros
  • Supplements, vitamins and minerals guide
  • Macro and micronutrients, required ratios and fibre
  • The difference between flexible dieting and a set meal plan
  • Executing the right plan to achieve your goals
  • How to track and weigh your food correctly
  • Gaining or cutting (learning how to adjust calories to manipulate your body composition)
  • Cheat, free or refeed meals (obtaining vital knowledge on structured cheat, free or refeed meals)
  • You’ll walk away with the knowledge on how to write your own meal plan.

when it comes to EXERCISE...

  • Learn how to perform exercises with correct technique, programming and form with my step-by-step exercise glossary
  • 12-week training programs that you can use time and time again as your strength and endurance progress
  • Warm-ups
  • Volume, frequency and progression
  • Over 70 exercises in the exercise glossary

Digital: Single level sent directly to your inbox!
Printed: Print copy sent to your door!
Printed + Digital: Value bundle (save $80.00)
Complete Digital Set: All three levels in eBook version
Complete Printed Set: All three levels in print version

A note from the creator:

Designed by Nathan Wallace and his accolades 

"This program has been tried and tested over many years. It's not a one-size-fits-all program. It allows the freedom and capability to make what you want out of it and hit YOUR goals. It guides you with the tools needed to see a consistent progression in your strength, hypertrophy, physique or all three."

What can you expect from The Bod Men’s Program?

Once you have selected the appropriate level according to your individual ability and goals, you will very quickly understand the way that our creators programming works: results. Proven Results.

Everything that is programmed has been researched, tested and most importantly – works! But it only works if YOU work too!

Following the program set out is vital in seeing the best results. Remember, as always our coaches are on hand if you would like to send in a video and have your technique assessed.

Watch a video of our founder Nathan Wallace following THE BOD programming