Nutrition & Training Programs FAQs

Will the programs be in the app?

Yes, THE BOD Nutrition & Training Programs (Level 1, 2 and 3) will be available in THE BOD app and ready to use for the NEW YEAR, BEST YOU 6-Week Challenge. They will be available in the app just before we kick-off the challenge 18 January 2021. Keep an eye on our socials and your emails, and we'll announce when it's live.

Will the new programs and old programs still be available? 

No, the old programs will no longer be available. The new programs have been developed over the last 8 years and we have taken on board all of your feedback to deliver high-quality, effective programs for best possible results. 

Are they hard copy, digital and in the app? 

Yes! The new programs will be available in THE BOD app (from 18 January 2021), and digital editions, and in hard copy format - perfect to take to the gym, scribble in, or use in the kitchen!

Do I need to purchase the new programs to follow THE BOD training? 

Yes! The new programs have been entirely redeveloped with all of your feedback and tested to ensure you stay motivated and achieve the best results in the shortest time frame.

What is new in these programs? 

The new programs feature hundreds of new recipes, home and gym workouts, killer nutrition tips and tricks from the experts, meal plan and flexible dieting options, and tailored 6-week training plans. Three program levels are available, depending on your fitness level.

Is there a program suitable for pregnancy? 

No, not yet. Stay tuned! 

Are the nutrition programs suitable for breastfeeding? 

Yes. Custom nutrition options are available using the flexible dieting option within the programs.

Are there vegan friendly options?

Yes! We now offer an entire vegan nutrition option - complete with recipes, nutrition tips, and tailored meal plans.