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Due to the influx of emails we receive daily, please allow up to 3 working business days for a response. During the holiday seasons and busy periods, please allow up to 5 working business days. We appreciate your patience and our support team will do their very best to get back to you in a timely manner!
We offer online support to all our clients in regards to support, unanswered questions and advice. To ensure the best results, we also encourage accountability.

So we recommend every week; you upload an update of your progress, meal preparation or workouts and post it to Instagram using the hashtags: #thebod, #thebodweek1, #thebodresults, #starterbod, #maintenancebod, #probod, #thebodsquad, #thebodbabes, #thebodmens, etc.

Or, better yet, start a different account just for tracking your progress and results! To make it easier for our coaches to find you, add ‘THEBOD’ in your username so we can search for you! Our coaches will ensure they are always checking in on how you are doing!

If you don’t feel comfortable putting any progress onto social media, email us at results@thebod.com.au or hello@thebod.com.au Our coaches are available online for email support from 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday (AEST). If you email the coaches over the weekend, we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.
All digital purchases are sent automatically and can be found within your order confirmation email. If for some reason you cannot locate this email, or the link to your eBook has expired, please email us at hello@thebod.com.au including your order number or purchase of payment. That way, we can get your eBook into your hot little hands ASAP!
No, they are not. If you would like to purchase the Exercise Guide eBook alone, please email hello@thebod.com.au
If you purchase the complete printed set, you will receive all three levels in print version only. The complete digital set includes all three levels of The Bod program in eBook format. The digital eBook alone is one level as per your choice depending on your fitness ability. The same goes for the printed version!
The results record chart has it's own page here - Results Record Chart


A good guide when selecting the level to follow is below:
Are you just starting your fitness journey? – The Bod One - STARTER.
Have you recently had a baby? – The Bod One - The Bod One - STARTER.

Are you able to do 15 x Push-Ups, 20 x Squats and 20 Burpees in a row? – The Bod Two - MAINTENANCE.
Are you experienced in weight training and want a program to increase your strength and overall body composition? – The Bod Two - MAINTENANCE.

Are you regularly using free weights to back squat, deadlift or overhead press? – The Bod Three - PRO.
Have you performed pistol squats, overhead squats, tuck jumps and front squats? – The Bod Three - PRO.

Still unsure? Take the simple test below to determine what level of THE BOD you should choose:

Do you struggle to touch your toes, jump over large objects or are just starting out with your fitness goals? If you answered yes to this question, you should head to The Bod One - STARTER.

Are you confident in squatting, skipping, jumping and can perform weighted exercises but cannot do unassisted pull-ups or handstand push-ups? If you answered yes to this question, The Bod Two - MAINTENANCE is for you.

Can you perform more than 3 unassisted pull-ups, are able to demonstrate a pistol squat and can attempt 5 handstand push-ups? If you answered yes to this question, you should head straight to The Bod Three - PRO.
Within each program, the nutrition plan is formulated to suit the training schedule provided and the intensity required. As the plan gets more intense and you are working out more, the required nutrients change and require you to eat more food.

The Bod One - STARTER is designed for beginners, mums postpartum and anyone easing back into exercise after an extended period of time off.

The Bod Two - MAINTENANCE is for those with background knowledge in fitness and nutrition and are looking to charge up their results. You are already exercising at home or the gym, and would like some guidance to take it to the next level!

The Bod Three - PRO is for those with plenty of experience behind them, looking for a challenge. Think advanced exercises and challenging your body!

The nutrition plan within each level remains consistent to ensure progression can be tracked effectively. The exercise programs will vary in difficulty depending on the level you choose and require more intensity and weight as you progress.
To get the maximum results out of your ‘at home’ program; a few key pieces of equipment are required.

• Medicine Ball
• Skipping Rope

• Medicine Ball
• Skipping Rope
• Kettlebell

• Medicine Ball
• Skipping Rope
• Kettlebell

The addition of a chin-up bar is also recommended to perform chin-ups and pull-ups. If you cannot gain access to an at home chin-up bar, we recommend using the monkey bar at your local park. We also have a useful article on our website: https://thebod.com.au/pull-up-alternatives-what-to-do-if-you-dont-have-a-pull-up-bar/
We do not recommend making adjustments to the set meal if you choose to follow it. Our set meal plan has not been designed with any personal requirements such as allergies, hormonal issues or preferences in mind. However for intolerances, gluten-free options or allergies, you can substitute ingredients with suitable options that work for you. Our meal plans also list alternatives such as dairy-free ingredients for your convenience within the recipes.

If you are following the macro approach, you can customise your meal plan to suit you perfectly!

Our coaches are also available online to provide guidance with dietary requirements.
The Bod female programs include a full 12-week vegetarian meal plan that complements the 12-week non-vegetarian meal plan. It does not include a vegan meal plan, however can be adjusted with substitutes and alternatives to suit one. Alternatively, you can use our macro guidelines to customise your own meal plan perfectly suited to your dietary requirements.
As the meal plan is designed to meet a certain caloric intake, macronutrients and micronutrients; meals are not recommended to be swapped. Choosing one or two days and repeating them, rather than switching ingredients in certain meals on certain days is preferred. This is recommended in order to keep as close as possible to the intended macros. Please note that switching ingredients due to dislikes or intolerances may affect your progress.

Alternatively, you can opt to use our macro guidelines to create your own meal plan too!
The majority of meals within our recipes can be frozen, reheated and/or defrosted. We outline serving sizes to allow for bulk preparation and catering to a family. For any queries regarding meal preparation, please email us at hello@thebod.com.au
While The Bod Version 1 is a complete program that you can follow start to finish, repeat and turn into a lifestyle - it doesn't include the macro approach. Many people love the flexibility of calculating and tracking their own macros, and while our set meal plan creates amazing results, we wanted to show our athletes that there's more than one way to achieve AMAZING results.

Many enjoy, or prefer to structure of a set meal plan - but we wanted to take it a step further and offer our athletes the choice of both.
All levels of The Women’s Bod include a home-based AND gym-based 12-week program so you can follow The Bod anytime, anywhere. The Bod Men’s Program is a gym only program.
One standard coffee without added sweeteners or flavours (250mL).
We have hundreds of women around the world following The Bod who are planning, expecting or postpartum. However, every single journey is unique, as is the duration and intensity of recovery. So please take the precaution for you and baby by consulting with a medical professional before undertaking any new program.


The men's program includes a 7-day example meal plan, as well as all the tools you need to create your own customised nutrition plan according to your goals.
A standard gym including free weights and some machinery is required to effectively follow The Bod Men’s programs. If you’re following the most advanced level, D.U.P Powerlifter, more equipment may be required.
A good guide when selecting the level to follow is below:

Are you familiar with weightlifting but are looking for more guidance to improve your technique and broaden your knowledge? – Starting Strength Do you consider yourself a beginner weightlifter? – Starting Strength

Are you experienced in weight training and are looking for a program to increase your strength and overall body composition, while generating hypertrophy results? – Powerbuilder Are you regularly using free weights and gym machinery, and following some sort of strength programming in the gym? – Powerbuilder

Do you consider yourself an advanced powerlifter or strength athlete who regularly trains? – D.U.P Powerlifter Have you familiarized yourself with all or some of the following training terms: training splits, AMRAP, micro, macros and mesocycles and blood flow restriction training? D.U.P Powerlifter