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THE BOD Level Two: Maintenance

THE BOD Level Two: Maintenance
THE BOD Level Two: Maintenance
THE BOD Two - Maintenance
THE BOD Two - Maintenance

THE BOD Level Two: Maintenance

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Structure and Face Your Workouts and Nutrition Head On.

Why The Bod Women’s Program is different:

✓ Proven results from year and years of testing and trials, bringing you the most foolproof protocols
✓ Coaching methods in the palm of your hand that can be adapted to your own individual goals
✓ Ongoing online support from our coaches to guide you through your journey
✓ Nutrition and exercise laid out for you in an easy-to-understand format

The Bod Two, or Maintenance Bod, is the second, stimulating level of THE BOD. This level is for you if:

  • You’ve hit a plateau with your training and want to see progress
  • You’re already equipped with knowledge for exercise but need some more structure and guidance
  • You are experienced in weightlifting and go to the gym/workout at home regularly

Each level includes 80+ recipes, 60+ exercises with instruction, 12-week meal plan and exercise plan, ‘how to’ on macros, and macro calculator!

Choose from print or digital copy, or buy all three programs (Starter, Maintenance and Pro) in the Complete Set.

The Bod Two – Maintenance, is the second level of our female fitness program perfected for women with experience in fitness already but needing an extra push to drive forward.
Our constant online support via our coaches ensures that whatever kind of guidance you need in terms of nutrition and training is always available.

We designed MAINTENANCE BOD for those who are dedicated to their nutrition and training but endeavour to learn more.
Including both women’s gym workouts and women’s home workouts, you can transform your body wherever you are!

The Bod Three – Pro program includes a set meal plan you can follow OR teaches you how to create your own meal plan.
This gives you the freedom to achieve your nutritional goals through our set recipes, or through your own!

When you become a member of our community, you get access to SO much information!

These are just some of the topics we cover in our program:

  • Over 80+ recipes! (with their full macro breakdowns)

  • Over 60+ exercises with step-by-step instructions and variations

  • Flexible dieting
  • Set meal plans
  • Reverse dieting and cutting phases
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Tracking your results
  • Weighing and tracking your food
  • Fluid intake
  • ‘Cheat’ or refeed meals
  • Supplementation

Not only do you receive all the tools you need to create your own meal plan according to your goals, needs and taste preferences, you also receive a 12-week set meal plan as an option as well. Every single program includes a 12-week training program that can be performed at the gym, or at home.

On top of all this, our team has developed an athlete’s only access MACRO CALCULATOR based on our chosen formulas.

This calculator is a game changer for our clients.
Now you can calculate your exact macros in less than no time and alter it accordingly as your goals change. This calculator is a service we offer to our members who follow The Bod Version 2 – simply by logging into their account!

If you are unsure of what level is right for you please read our FAQs or contact our friendly coaches.

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