MACROS - A Wellness and Lifestyle Guide To Transform Your Body

Macros by Sophie Guidolin | Digital Edition

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This recipe book was created in response to huge demand after the release of THE BOD 12-week nutrition and training program. Because every recipe includes its macro breakdown (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and calorie intake, you can use MACROS recipe book simultaneously with THE BOD fitness program.

A wellness and lifestyle guide with 65 delicious recipes suitable for a macro diet. Every recipe comes with its full nutritional breakdown (macros) and calorie content. And the recipes will soon be loved by everyone in your household. Some of THE BOD Founder, Sophie Guidolin's personal favourites are the vegetarian burrito bowl, peanut butter cookies, and of course Nath’s butter chicken!

  • Power Starts - You know what they say about breakfast!
  • Nourishing Salads - we LOVE salads, and even if you don’t, you will after you try one of the Super Snacks; From energy balls to smoothies, to guacamole.
  • Main Meals - From hearty and delicious, to crispy and fresh - this is also where you’ll find Nathan’s famous Butter Chicken recipe!
  • Healthy Treats - that do not taste healthy! 

MACROS is a delicious and healthy collection of meals you can enjoy whilst achieving your fitness goals!

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