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When preparing for a fitness challenge, I believe you must consider 5 things..


Starting anything new can be a little bit daunting at times. Thoughts like “this is going to be hard” or “how am I going to be able to commit to this” and even “what if I fail” are all normal thought patterns but this my friends, brings me to my first discussion topic.

MINDSET. It is everything. You can do almost anything you set that mind of yours to. Thoughts like “YES I can do this” and “I will be able to set aside the time this challenge needs”, need to be the thoughts that are constantly going through your mind, especially at the beginning. Positive “YES” thoughts will go a long way to help you succeed in any challenge. Get your head in the game! Write your goals down, share them with a friend or family member, this can also help keep you accountable.

If you are someone who has attempted fitness challenges in the past and have not been happy with the results, try and have a moment of reflection and identify what stopped you from achieving your goals or what you could improve on this time.

Some brain training skills I have for you are, when that alarm goes off in the morning, you get up! NO snoozing, NO procrastinating, just GET UP AND GO! I promise you it will get easier. Yes this is a challenge but it is also a way of making positive, healthier life changes. I want to remind you, there is no such thing as a quick fix, you have got to put in the work.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the phrase “Fail to plan, plan to fail” and its 100% correct. Preparation and planning is on my top 5 key points for a very good reason. You need to be prepared not only with your nutrition but also with when you will fit your workouts into your daily life. Let's start with training. Try to think that your training time is just another appointment that you need to schedule into your day. If you don’t have a diary, get one or enter it into your smart phone. Training aside, you can also use that diary to enter in meal prep times, family/social events and or anything else that needs to happen in your week. You see what needs to get done
and this is often a way you can ensure everything does get done. If you have a family you also need to cater for, get them involved with your meal preps, food shopping or meal planning (if they are age appropriate) installing great food habits into there lives also.


One thing I do before bed if I know it’s going to be an early start - I set out my workout gear for that next morning making sure I have everything I need there and then. If its going to be a PM workout or I’m travelling
to gym straight from work, ill make sure that I have my workout gear with me in a bag so that there is no need to go home and potentially then not move. I hear people do this all the time… by changing at work or at the gym this can eliminate all temptations. If someone was to ask me when is the best time to train, I would say - If you can - get your workout done in the AM. Distractions can often occur throughout the day to sidetrack your
workouts and this is less likely to happen in the morning when it’s the first thing off the bat. However, if you aren’t a morning person and you know you’re most efficient time to workout is PM then do that. Remember at
the end of the day this has to work for you and your life.

The number one question I get asked on my socials is - How do I stay so motivated to train daily and live that
active/healthy lifestyle? For me I think of that feeling I get post workout. My endorphins are pumping, I’m all
sweaty and I feel a sense of accomplishment for the hard work I’ve put in.
Motivation is all around, you just have to be able to tap into what works for you. It could be a family goal, an
upcoming event or a personal goal that motivates you. Motivation can come from someone you look up to or a
mentor. Talking about your challenge with a family member or friend can help keep you accountable but one
step further is to get an accountability buddy. Why not?! Someone else may be in the same or similar shoes to

you. The both of you can help motivate each other and at the same time stay accountable to the end goal.
Communicate with them and do it daily! Ask how each other is going, physically and emotionally and the
number one reason to have someone there with you is… to workout together!! It’s a WIN WIN!

CONSISTENCY, I cannot stress this topic enough when it comes to fitness and reaching your goals. Your effort and intensity will mean absolutely didley squat if you aren’t consistent. I see it all the time, people going on a new fitness plan or challenge and they stick to it for 3-4 days then blow out the next few, they get back onto it the next Monday saying, “this week ill stick to it” and sure enough the same toxic cycle happens. This only leads to frustration and somewhat of an emotional vicious cycle.
So friends, what really matters here is - that you show up, you do your workout/the exercise plan correctly and you do it CONSISTENTLY! There is no need to set out going hammer and tong at this, small steps daily will get you the results you desire. It’s a matter of convincing yourself that YOU CAN DO IT and the more you do it, the easier it will get. New routines can sometimes take a few weeks to develop but once adapted it will just feel like part of your everyday routine. Points to remember, the frequency of your workout is important but also that you follow the plan correctly, it is designed to get results – TRUST THE PROCESS.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am pretty shocking at this rest business. I find it hard to take a day off strenuous exercise and just give my muscles/body the time they need to recover. However, it is necessary and it is just as
important as hitting those workouts. We actually have different systems in the body that need to recover, hormonal, neurological, and structural. The structural system includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.
Muscles do recover the quickest however tendons, ligaments, and bones can take longer to recover and be more prone to overtraining stress. We don’t need any form of stress in our lives so LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, if
it’s tired – rest. Let your body recover so it can work for you at its best.
A balanced combination of both rest and recovery along with a balanced nutrition plan and exercise should be a part of any fitness regimen. For those of you that really struggle with the concept of REST DAYS, think outside the box. A casual walk with a friend on rest day is acceptable or taking a long hot Epson salt bath will really get your muscles thanking you.

Let’s get two things straight, strength training is a long distance run not a sprint and as surprising as it is you’re not going to be as fit as Usain Bolt in a week. Friends, take one day at a time.

As mentioned starting anything new is always going to take some adjustment. YOU CAN DO THIS though and you will have an amazing experience along the way.

Here are some simple points to finish on..
 Fuel your body
 Put in the work
 Get adequate sleep
 Stress less
 Smile often

Triniti xx

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