How To Use THE BOD Lifting Grips

How To Use THE BOD Lifting Grips


Say goodbye to sweaty, sore hands and hello to better grip, heavier weights and improved performance!

THE BOD Lifting Grips are your new best friend when it comes to push and pull exercises. Whether you’re using a bar, dumbbells or exercise machine, these one-of-a-kind grips will have you smashing each and every workout, GF!



1. You will have a right-hand and a left-hand lifting grip, each with an indent on one side for your thumb. The indent allows your thumb to sit comfortably on the leather. Select the correct lifting grip for each hand.



2. Place the strap around your wrist and adjust the velcro fastening until firm. The lifting grips should not be able to slip off your wrist.


3. To attach your lifting grips to a bar or dumbbell, place the leather strap underneath the bar and keep your fingers over the bar. Hook the leather strap over the bar and underneath your grip. This will secure the bar/dumbbell and stop it from slipping, allowing you to lift heavier and increase your overall performance.



THE BOD Lifting Grips are perfect for improving grip and achieving more reps in a variety of upper and lower body exercises. Here are just a few push and pull exercises where you can use your Lifting Grips to improve performance!


Target Area: Back

Equipment: Chin-Up Bar


  1. Grip a chin-up or monkey bar with your hands slightly closer than shoulder width and in a pronated position.
  2. Keep your torso as straight as possible while creating a curvature on your lower back and sticking your chest out. Your arms will be holding the weight of your body as your feet leave the ground.
  3. Breathe out and pull your torso up towards the bar until your chin is level with the bar. Keep your elbows close to your body.
  4. Keep your upper torso stationary as it moves upwards with only the arms moving. The forearms should do no work other than hold the bar.
  5. Slowly lower your torso back to the starting position, by extending your arms. This is one repetition.


Target Area: Lower Body 

Equipment: Barbell, Weight Collars, Weight Plates


  1. Position the loaded barbell over the midline of your feet. Hinge at your hips and set your waist backwards, then reach down and grip the bar just outside your shins. Ensure your hips are approximately level with your knees, your back is straight and your shoulder blades are set back and downwards, creating tightness through your posterior chain.
  2. Take the slack out of the bar by slightly lowering your hips and contracting your back muscles. Engage your core and hold this position, ready to perform the concentric movement of the exercise. 
  3. Drive your feet into the ground and pull the bar up to your waistline. Ensure you keep the bar close to your body throughout the concentric phase of the exercise.
  4. Lock your hips at the top of the movement by contracting your buttocks. Lower the bar to the starting position and reset your posture. This is one repetition.


Target Area: Upper Body 

Equipment: Barbell, Weight Collars, Weight Plates


  1. Position yourself in front of the loaded barbell with your hips set backwards behind your heels and your upper body bent over your toes. 
  2. Grip the bar with a pronated grip just outside of your shins.
  3. Take the slack out of the bar by creating tightness in your back muscles and creating tension in your hamstrings.
  4. Set your shoulder blades backwards and downwards.
  5. Pull the bar vertically towards your waistline by bending your elbows backwards and slightly extending your hips. Ensure you keep the barbell close to your body and row into your hips.
  6. Lower the bar back to the floor by lengthening your arms, ensuring that you maintain tightness through your back and keep a straight torso. This is one repetition.


Target Area: Upper Body 

Equipment: 2 x Dumbbells


  1. Start with the dumbbells resting against your body with your palms facing inwards. 
  2. Flex your elbow and curl the dumbbell up towards your shoulder. Keep your palms facing inwards.
  3. Lower the dumbbell back to the starting position with a full stretch of the elbow before alternating to the other arm. Perform for the number of prescribed repetitions.

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"Love the lifting grips! They have improved my lifts dramatically. My only minor change would be making the strap shorter. When I wear them, I have to tighten them as much as possible for the wrist wrap to be firm but then I have a long strap hanging off my wrist. Otherwise, I totally love them and will continue to use them at the gym every day!" - Jessica

"Love, love, love these lifting grips!! My form has improved SO much using these as i am not having to worry about grip!! They take seconds to wrap, super comfortable around my wrists and they are so kind to my hands!! Highly recommend!" - Amy 

"Love my new lifting grips by The Bod! I work out at home and now am able to use my 12kg kettlebell to up my workouts and get stronger without sore wrists. Looking forward to buying more heavier weights so I can use these every workout!" - Kylie
"I’ve gone from not being able to do any Unasssited chin ups to doing 5 unassisted! You should have seen my face when I did that first one! These grips really do work in assisting you to reach your strength goals." - Michaela


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