How To Flexible Diet | FREE Guide

How To Flexible Diet | FREE Guide

How to flexible diet | THE BOD

Flexible dieting is a way of eating that is hugely loved here at THE BOD. 

We're obsessed. This is because flexible dieting (also referred to as tracking macronutrients) allows you flexibility and freedom to eat foods you enjoy, all while meeting your fitness goals 🙌
We love this approach to eating because it has some GIVE. A night out to dinner, or a social event with friends isn't going to derail your progress. It's designed to actually WORK with the things we love, like a meal with your loved ones or including your 'soul' foods in your diet. We all have them! It educates you on what is in your food, and forces you to make calculated decisions too, to the benefit of your goals and your health.

We'll teach you how to make these decisions.

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Have you been thinking about switching to tracking your macros? 

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