Get To Know Our New Summer Challenge Features THE BOD

Get To Know Our New Summer Challenge Features

Everything you need to become your strongest self in 2022 - all at your fingertips.

Get ready to kick off the new year with our 6-week Summer Challenge, which will take care of your mind, body and nutrition. You’ll get in shape, improve your health, boost your confidence, and after 42 days, you’ll feel stronger and ready for whatever 2022 throws your way 👊

No matter what your health and fitness goals, we’re here to support you.  We’ve added some exclusive NEW features to THE BOD App for our Summer Challenge members - from a new summer-inspired Meal Plan, to your very own dedicated Challenge Zone, we’ve supplied all the tools you need to crush goals throughout 2022 and beyond.

The new challenge features make it simple to stay on track and keep on top of your progress. Check out these brand new THE BOD App features coming your way, exclusively available for Summer Challenge members:

Challenge Zone Features:



Your all-in-one place to track your progress. Within your daily dashboard you'll easily be able to view your remaining daily macros, keep track of your step count and water intake, update your progress photo directly from your camera roll, adjust your challenge goals, view your 1RM, and more!

Your daily overview can be found by tapping ‘Overview’ within the ‘Challenge Zone’ navigation menu. 



Staying accountable is one of the best ways to build healthy, sustainable habits and keep you determined to reach your goals. Stay motivated and hold yourself accountable to your goals with the brand new Accountability Tracker. Here, you get a calendar view where you can track your weekly workout progress. You’ll also be prompted to tick off your daily goals, such as hitting your daily step count, drinking enough water, updating your progress photo, and more! You'll also be able to check or update your challenge goals. 

Your accountability tracker can be found by tapping ‘Accountability Tracker’ within the ‘Challenge Zone’ navigation menu. 



    Setting your health and fitness goals is a powerful way to help you achieve success - inspiring you to take action and give you the motivation and direction you need to create sustainable, long-term lifestyle changes. We’ve made it easy to set your challenge goals - all in one place. Log your goals for daily steps, hours sleep per night, daily water intake, add your starting measurements/weight, how much weight you want to lose/gain/maintain, and add in your personal challenge goal (why you’ve joined the challenge and what you hope to achieve)! 

    Your challenge goals can be found by tapping ‘Goals’ within the ‘Challenge Zone’ navigation menu. 

    What else is new? A brand new six-week program featuring express workouts, plus fresh new summer recipes and meal plan.

    As well as these exclusive new challenge features, you'll also have access to all the other unique features within THE BOD App - a personalised dashboard, mood tracker, HIIT Timer, custom macros tracker, macro-friendly recipes, interactive shopping list, exercise glossary, and more!


    Are you ready to join us for a strong girl summer, sis?

    To join, simply: 

    1. Download the THE BOD App on the App Store or Google Play

    2. Select the Summer Challenge Program

    3. Set your alarm - we start Monday 31 January 2022!

    Get ready for an internal & external GLOW UP in just 6 weeks! See you there, sis!


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