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Crush Health & Fitness Goals In 6 Weeks | The Autumn Challenge

Are you ready to kick some serious health and fitness goals in just 6 weeks, girl?

Get excited because we’re about to kick off our brand new Autumn Challenge, a result-driven program designed to help you achieve a full-body transformation from the comfort of your own home in just 6 weeks! 

We know you’re busy, sis. And we have good news for you - you don’t have to spend hours at the gym to receive results. We’re all about fitness that fits your life, which is why all our workouts in the Autumn Challenge allow you to achieve maximum results in less than 40 minutes. Plus, you have the flexibility to complete your workouts anytime, anywhere - with minimal equipment required!

Get ready to sculpt your body, build your strength, and boost your confidence in just 6 weeks. 

What Type Of Workouts Can You Expect?

You’ll experience time-efficient resistance and circuit-style workouts, each designed to deliver maximum results without having to spend hours working up a sweat. The workouts in the Autumn Challenge are suitable for all fitness levels and goals. Expect a mixture of bodyweight and free weight exercises to target specific muscle groups. 

Check out a sneak peek of the Week 1 training split:

THE BOD Autumn Challenge

Want A Sneak Peek Of A Full-Body Workout?

Get ready to feel a full-body burn with this example workout from the Autumn Challenge. 


What Will You Need?

To join the 6-week challenge, you can download THE BOD App and follow the in-app Autumn Challenge, or you can follow THE BOD Nutrition & Training Print Programs (Level 1, 2 or 3 options available, depending on your fitness level).

The Autumn Challenge workouts have been designed with minimal equipment in mind, allowing you to work out at home or in the gym. You’ll need dumbbells, a bench or sturdy chair, a yoga mat, a medicine ball, skipping rope, and THE BOD Booty Band.

Shop our fitness essentials in the THE BOD Essentials Bundle or stay motivated with our new Motivation Bundle.

What Recipes Can You Expect?

 We understand that nutrition is just as important as exercise when it comes to smashing your goals, so when you join the 6-week Autumn Challenge (kicking off Monday 18 April), you’ll receive exclusive access to NEW macro-friendly recipes, plus set meal plans (including Non-Vegetarian, Vegetarian and Vegan options) to work alongside your training program.

These nutritious and delicious whole food recipes are loaded with goodness and free from refined sugars and preservatives. We’ve got you covered from breakfast through to dessert, sis! Want to get your shopping list prepared ahead of Week 1? Take a sneak peek of the Week 1 meal plans below...

Week 1 Meal Plan Autumn Challenge | THE BOD

Week 1 Meal Plan Vegetarian Autumn Challenge | THE BOD

Click here to view or download the Week 1 Vegetarian Meal Plan >

Week 1 Meal Plan Vegan Autumn Challenge | THE BOD

Click here to view or download the Week 1 Vegan Meal Plan >

Plus, here are some of the new recipes coming your way, sis....

Pumpkin Choc Chip Muffins


Salmon & Pea Fritters


Chicken, Pumpkin & Chickpea Tagine

Chicken, Pumpkin & Chickpea Tagine | THE BOD AUTUMN CHALLENGE RECIPES

YUM! Ready to dig in, sis? 

To join THE BOD Autumn Challenge, simply:

  1. Download the THE BOD App on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Select the Autumn Challenge Program
  3. Set your alarm - we start Monday 18 April 2022!

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